Why collect tickets?

May be this is the question more prevailing between my friends and contacts...
The reality is that my interest is moved since my birth, I was born with this... well, We are going to be serious...
If we analyze everything, things common, late or early, with the pass of the time are become things interesting, wherefore today we have all kind of museums.
My intention isn't become me in a millionaire or famous. My intention is conserving a little of our common life.
I don't know what will happen with my small collection. May be, one day someone will put an exposition or will build a museum, and there are going to be the tickets, and he didn't lack one note that it will say:

Thanks to collaborated to: (name… from)


Others tickets

ticket of a bookstore of Córdoba, Veracruz, México

Fill water  garafe free


Telephone booth (1983)

Tickets of Deportive Area of Coatepec, Veracruz, México

WC tickets

Oaxaca and more

Millennial Tree, The Tule Tree in Oaxaca.

Solid Waterfall

Museums and more of Guanajuato, México

Museums and more of Guanajuato, México

Tickets of Circus

Tickets of circus very years ago. 1982 and 1983. when I wasn't born yet. They are from my mother...

Xalapa Americas Trade Center Parking

This ticket gives the machine when you enter to car parking of Xalapa Americas Trade Center

When you pay a person gives this ticket and gives a coin to exit.

Lainoamerican Tower and Aquariums

I collect tickets of Galeries, museums, circus, aquarium as them:

Tickets of Train

These ticketsI  found betweenold  and dusty papers.
They are tickets of train of Mexico



Metro Autobuses

Autobuses of Cordoba and Fortin. We can see difference in colors and tariffs, as others cities of Mexico, only there are two tariffs: Normal and discount.

Red Triangle Company and Auto Cars of Orizaba-Córdoba

Ticket of 1990
These tickets are of Red Triangle Company from Cordoba City and Auto trucks of Orizaba-Córdoba.
Tickets with tariff in miles pesos were used before 1992, in 1992 Mexico changed the monetary policy and removed three zeros of the amounts, and then in Mexico we used the New Peso (NP). In 1996 Mexico removed the New Peso and again uses Peso.
Ticket of 1992                 Ticket of 1993                   Ticket of 1992                  Ticket of 1994                      Ticket of 1995

 Actual Tickets
Actual Tickets


Tickets of Xalapa, Veracruz

Here in Xalapa city, there are very much lines of transports, most of the buses are SUX (Urban Service of Xalapa), but there are others. There are 2 tariffs, a normal, and other for students, older people and people with special capacities, these tickets has written “Subsidio” or “Preferencial”.
Here is a first sample of tickets.


Auto transport of Orient “Blue Star”


This line is older, it communicate Totutla, Huatusco and Coscomatepec towns (now cities) with Orizaba and Córdoba cities (Córdoba is the city where was ratify the Mexico’s Independence from Spanish Crown at 1821).It communicate too with others towns located at south of Córdoba as Omealca, Tezonapa.


Over time, this line started travels from Xalapa (Veracruz State’s capital) to Córdoba and Orizaba cities. Here is the evolution of its tickets. You can see the changes in the name, it integrate names as “Astro 2000, Astro New, Terranova, Galaxy, Omnibus Centro Sur”.